1. Weekly Story: Share Yours Now

    Here are some of the creations we shipped out to our customers this week. We fully believe that every case has a story. Do you see your case here? Let us know - we'd love to tell YOUR story one week!
  2. How To: Choose a Smart Phone

    Last week we told you how to go about choosing a wireless provider. This week, we want to tell you how to choose the right smart phone for you! First, you need to determine what you are looking for. Do you want a phone with a big screen? One that has a long battery life? One that has an amazing...
  3. Interested in a Windows Phone 8?

    Then you probably should consider using AT&T. It appears that AT&T will have the widest array of Window Phone 8 available. They recently revealed three newest options. The most affordable option is the Lumia 820, available as a steal for only $49.99 (with a contract). A small step up is the Nokia 920, available for $99.99 (also with a contract...

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