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  • iPhone 5 Rumor Round Up

    Posted on August 22, 2012 by Jennifer Bryant

    Rumors continue to swirl on the Internet about the upcoming iPhone 5 release! We've rounded up a few of the most legitimate (and interesting) articles for you today.

    Verizon Vacation Blackout - According to PC Magazine, Verizon has blacked out vacation for employees around the time of the rumored iPhone release (September 21).

    iPhone 5 Mini Dock Photo Released - This one is pretty self explanatory. Click through to see the photo from Slash Gear.

    New iPhone 5 release date, news and rumors  - This article by Tech Radar details more specific rumors that are out there (specs, photos of prototypes, etc).

    Apple's New iPhone: Everything (We Think) We Know - Even more details and photos are shared here, thanks to Digital Trends.

    And you know that when the new iPhone is finally release (whatever it is really called) Story Leather will have a custom case ready!

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  • The iPhone 5 is Really Coming

    Posted on August 15, 2012 by Jennifer Bryant

    And it looks like it's arrival is only a month away!

    Most sources are predicting a September reveal, possibly as early as September 12. What will it look like? Here is one guess:

    But with all the rumors swirling, who knows if this is even close? Most rumors do seem to suggest a thinner phone, but one that is taller than previous models. And brace yourself for a new dock connector. Many sources are claiming the iPhone 5 will introduce a smaller dock connector, though the actual size is still unknown.

    Screen size has also been a highly discussed topic. Many believe this new iPhone will feature a larger screen, up to 4.6 inches. And some believe it will actually feature a curved glass screen. Most people do agree that we will see a larger, more stylish screen from the iPhone 5, even though exact measurement remain unclear.

    One thing we're pretty sure about is the iPhone 5 will have 4G. The New iPad already brought 4G technology to Apple, so it would be a shock if that technology wasn't incorporated in the iPhone 5. And Apple has a history of improving camera quality with each new model, so get ready for an even better camera on the iPhone 5.

    We should be finding out the iPhone 5 look and features soon, so keep your eyes and ears open. And if you're due for an upgrade, you might want to hold off for a few more weeks. I know I am!



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