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  1. Customer Testimonial -- CAN I JUST SAY, WOW!

    "My beautiful Cartera phone wallet arrived yesterday.I was so excited to show it around today.I was constantly sharing your web site with people all day.! Being an artist, I am very particular about details, and your work is perfection, stiching, fit and style! MY Daughter and I are working on her design choices for Her phone wallet today and will be submitting...
  2. Customer Testimonial -- ...they are absolutely beyond my expectations!!

    "The parcel arrived… and they are absolutely beyond my expectations!!  The quality is impeccable, the designs are gorgeous, and the fit for the Q10 is… perfect!  I am so impressed as well with your wonderful packaging and presentation, I could not be happier J Thank you so much for going above and beyond customer service in order to get this...
  3. Customer Testimonial -- Thanks for a job well done.

    "Just received my iPhone cover, the Cartera-white with pink interior. It is just perfect and looks like your artisans take pride in their work. Even the packaging was especially nice. Thanks for a job well done." Scott via email (December 13th, 2012) from Little Rock, Arkansas. Customer Ordered: Custom Made Cartera Wallet Case for Apple iPhone 5
  4. Recently Delivered - Pink Phone Wallet for HTC Desired

    This is a modification on our popular Perris case, we added a back flap and converted into a wallet that holds several credit cards, and added even more versatility by attaching it with an adjustable shoulder strap to turn it into a purse!

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