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  • All the Buzz Around Apple's Upcoming iPhone 8

    Posted on May 5, 2017 by Jerry Lee

    Everyone is talking about the upcoming release of Apple's new iPhone, and yet we are only in May. With all the buzz and rumors around what Apple will have in store for us, let's summarize what we will expect:

    1. Alongside the brand new iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition, we will have the iPhone 7s and the 7s Plus

    2. The new iPhone 8 will have a new curved AMOLED display

    3. A 5.8-inch edge-to-edge screen

    4. No HOME button

    5. Wireless charging

    6. Iris scanner

    All these are rumors and what "analysts" are speculating. Quite frankly, everyone is just looking for Apple to give us a new look to the iPhone. Call it whatever you want to call it, but just make sure the phone looks and feels different, and it will sell like hotcake when it comes September.
    Rest assured that when the new iPhone 8 comes out, our team of leather artisans will be ready to produce a fine line of custom leather holsters for iPhone 8, alongside our regular staple of classic leather cases and back cover for the iPhone 8. Stay tuned as we update you with more iPhone 8 news as it breaks.

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  • Brand Profile - Mophie Iphone Cases

    Posted on March 4, 2016 by Makenna Lenover

    How They Got Started

    Based in California, Mophie is a phone case company centers their design around charging while keeping phones waterproof. Two co founders started designing in 2006 and released the first JuicePack products, the original name. These were so successful they continued. The Mophie Rescue Initiative was an innovative advertisement scheme on their part, at the South by Southwest Festival, people would tweet in their dying phone, and winners had an interactive map tracking Saint Bernards that traveled through the festival. Once they found the dogs, they received a power reserve to charge their phone.

    Image Source:

    Case To Fame

    The two most innovative and acclaimed products in Mophie’s line are the juice pack and space pack. The juice pack is the first mobile battery pack that was certified by Apple, and the space pack is the first mobile charging case with built in local storage. These products were unique to the market and innovative at their release, which was what propelled Mophie to fame!

    Philanthropic Help

    Mophie is a unique case company because they are highly interested in helping others. In 2015 they partnered with (RED) a HIV/AIDs charity focused on ending the epidemic. This red juice pack air case was special, as all proceeds went to the foundation.



    While these cases come in a variety of colors, they are pretty standard on design. They are not too bulky considering the battery-charging element, but they keep the design minimal. The satin finished materials are sleek, but not luxurious. Most users of these cases are relying on the functional element, so this is most likely why the style is lacking.


    It does not get more functional than remote charging and local storage backup. These cases are unique and the first to introduce mobile charging. No matter where you are, their slogan #StayPowerful will have your back and keep you charged. The brand also carries larger portable chargers you can link to your phone with a cord for multiple charges. The most functional ability of the space packs and stations is the additional 128G of space you can receive in addition to charging. If you are busy and do a lot on your phone, this is definitely beneficial to you.


    While most of these cases are designed just for charging, there are military standard, rugged cases as well that keep your phone protected from water and elements and charged. The H2Pro line has cases that are completely waterproof while charging your phone. So if you loose your phone in the rain, when you find it, it will be charged and dry!

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  • The New Outlet-Free MyFCJaq Fuel Cell Charger

    Posted on February 2, 2016 by Diana Vlad

    Picture this. You’re on an important business trip to a foreign city and your phone is about to give up on you right when you’re expecting that important call. What do you do? Why, you reach for your portable charger, of course, because the days when you would otherwise panic in the absence of an electrical outlet are long gone. A great deal of progress has been made in this particular field, and the outlet-free Jaq fuel cell charger announced by MyFC during the last CES is certainly a step in the right direction. It’s quite small, stylish and very easy to use.

    Image source:

    The Jaq what…?

    The MyFCJaq is a fuel cell charger, which means that it allows you to charge your phone without the use of an electric outlet by converting chemical energy into electricity. It mainly involves two parts. The first is a rubberized sleeve roughly the size of a smartphone, featuring a Micro-USB cable socket by means of which it can be connected to your phone. The second and most important is a credit card-shaped “power card” or, in other words, a cartridge containing salt and water. When this cartridge is inserted into the sleeve and locked in place, the chemical reactions take place and you can juice up your phone simply by connecting it to the USB port. No outlet needed.

    How the MyFCJaq works

    Basically, the MyFCJaq uses salt water and oxygen to harness electricity from a chemical reaction. As the two reactants combine in the enclosed space, the saltwater hydrogen atoms pass to the fuel cell and are stripped of their electrons at the anode. These electrons are what provides the current to power up your phone. The entire reaction only results in a completely harmless by-product, water. This means that the Jaq does not only allow you to bring your phone to life in style, but it also takes care of the environment for you.

    The power cards are only available for one use, after which they become unable to produce the necessary chemical reactions. One cartridge produces about 2,400mAh before it becomes unusable, which means it can charge up a phone, an iPhone and even larger devices, like tablets.

    Advantages and worth

    The Jaq is not yet available for purchase, but credible sources suggest that the pouch will set you back about $99, while each cartridge would only cost $2. The producing company is also considering the implementation of a subscription service, whereby you would receive a given number of power cards each month for an advantageous price – say, $1 per cartridge. Multipacks will also be available for the same purpose. Of course, this isn’t as cheap as just plugging your phone in an outlet, but it costs just as much as the AA batteries you’d need for a portable charger and less than its Upp fuel cell charger counterpart.

    In addition, the Jaq is a beautiful thing to look at, with its sleek curves and glossy, bright colors. It is so small that it can easily slip into a pocket and you don’t have to remember to charge it in advance because it generates its own power. Finally, the Jaq cartridges are easily recyclable, combining a significant effort for the environment with a pleasant appearance and ease of use.

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  • The Increasing Popularity of Smartphones and Their Effects

    Posted on January 14, 2016 by Jerry Lee

    In the US, smartphones have become the most popular device around. This year, a drastic increase of smartphone ownership was observed, resulting to 68% of adults having one. Ownership of tablet computers have also increased.

    Why have smartphones become popular in the US and many parts of the world? There may be a number of reasons for this: First, smartphones are portable. It is a product of the trend where more computing power can be done in a smaller area, thus the smartphone's capability to perform a lot of functions.

    Second, they are capable of many functions a desktop computer, mp3 player, camera and other devices combined. It is like an all-in-one product where you can do all these things in the palm of your hand. Third, big companies like Apple and Samsung have become so popular that every time they announce a new device, everyone gets to know. And in between them, many other companies have joined the competition, bringing in their own version of smartphones.

    We cannot deny the popularity of these devices. It has been integrated in our lifestyle - we use them to help us in our daily routines. And in the coming years, more people will get to own their own as smartphone technology continues to advance and tech companies continue to bring in something new on the table.

    In every event, there is always a positive and negative effect that go along with it. What are some of these effects in the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones among users?

    Easier communication and connection
    With the internet, communication has become way easier, and with the rising popularity of smartphones, creating connections with friends and loved ones who you cannot physically become possible and convenient. When you need to see your friend or relative, you can video chat with them with a few taps. Through the smartphone, the world has become more connected than ever.

    Useful in studies, career in business
    With many accessible applications which aid in studies and business, smartphones have helped students and professionals in their daily lives. Students can access the Internet and easily find information and use applications to help them be organized. Professionals can do the same things and much more with applications that are specifically catered to their field.

    Helps in emergencies
    When an emergency situation happens, smartphones can be really be of great use. You can set your smartphone to make the emergency numbers like the police, fire and other departments in your area accessible even when it is locked. You can also download applications like pMonitor (Android) and Neighborhood Watch, which are useful for monitoring the location of your loved ones or reporting an incident. Response has become easier because of smartphones.

    However, with inappropriate use and addiction, smartphones can be detrimental to a person. Here are some negative effects of smartphones when they’re not used properly.

    Serves as a distraction
    Smartphones may easily distract individuals because of its accessibility to a lot of applications. A study shows that smartphones become more of a distraction than of help among students. Without proper use and limits, smartphones can lead you to become unproductive in your school or work.

    Using the phone while driving is one of the leading cause of car accidents in the country. And although it is strongly advised not to use the phone while on the wheel, a lot do not follow still. With inappropriate use, smartphones can lead to accidents and death not only to yourself, but also to others as well.

    Disconnect from real life.
    It’s ironic that smartphones, which paved the way for easier connection, cause disconnect for some people. Because of addiction to social media, some of them care more about their life and image there than on real life.

    The key to maximizing the functions of smartphones while maintaining a healthy lifestyle is moderation. Smartphone addiction can happen because it is easy to happen. We are expecting more devices to emerge in the coming years, and if we do not train ourselves not to become dependent on our smartphones, they will be more detrimental than helpful in our lives.

    Photo credits: Freepik

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  • Is the Flip Phone Making Its Comeback?

    Posted on December 21, 2015 by Jerry Lee

    Smartphones may be the most popular thing in the US this year - a lot of innovation, competition, upgrades and releases of the newest devices left a lot of us in the edge of our seats. A lot of functions have been installed in smartphones, and we’ll expect more in the future. This has become our go-to device whenever we need a quick info, check social media, kill time through games or become productive with its apps. There’s no doubt that in the US, smartphones are the thing.

    But in these past days, Samsung, one of the biggest tech companies which manufactures the popular Galaxy series seems to be creating another phone with the expected flagship phone Galaxy 7. Leaked photos show that Samsung will manufacture a flip phone which has similar features to Galaxy S6. A lot of people may be shocked as to why Samsung will create a seemingly retro device that integrates the more modern features of the S6.

    Apparently, the upcoming flip phone will be an upgrade to last year’s Galaxy Golden 2. It will come with two 3.9” super AMOLED displays. It will run on 64 bit octa-core Exynos 7420 processor and 3gb RAM. Its OS will be Android 5.1 Lollipop and it will have a powerful 16-megapixel and 5-megapixel rear and front cameras. The phone design and finish will be pretty much similar to its predecessor.

    We may be thinking - why are we going back to flip phones? Is retro technology making another comeback with this (and a lot more other things)? It may be so, after all, this year was predicted as the year of retro-tech.

    In Japan and some parts of Southeast Asia, flip phones are still used by many people. There is an increasing demand for flip phones these past years, and along that is the decreasing popularity of the touchscreen phones we use now. There are a lot of possible reasons for this trend in the country. One is because of demographics: Japan’s ageing population means there are a lot more older folks than younger ones, and for old people, it is usually easier to use a flip phone than a smartphone. Another is the expensive data charges. The other is longer battery life. Whatever the reason might be, this trend is real - unintuitive and maybe weird but real.

    The comeback of flip phones may be attributed to it being as a fashion thing. Rihanna was spotted using a RAZR, and a lot more high-profile stars use the old-school tech. A lot of people criticize them but also, many gave good remarks in their choice. Security issues may be a reason for this, and using a flip phone without internet capabilities makes them a little bit safer and more free.

    Flip phones may be a thing again some time in the future as Samsung as well as LG continues to supply them to the eastern market. Will it outshine the Galaxy 7 when it release? We don’t know, but we’re excited as not only a lot of retro devices are being revived, but also for the fact that modern technology is being integrated in these devices, which make them cooler.

    What are some of the old tech that we will see (or like to see) rise again and make a comeback in the next year?

    Photo credits: The Bit Bag, NY Mag


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  • Smartphone and Tablet Use Among Toddlers

    Posted on November 30, 2015 by Jerry Lee

    The advancement and availability of technology in smartphones and tablets resulted to almost all people in the US getting their hands on a smartphone and/or tablet. In these past years, a lot of cheap smartphones became available, some which rival the capabilities of the more expensive ones in the market. Because of this, it’s easier for low income families to become smartphone owners.

    There are a lot of research and studies on the usage of smartphones and tablets among pre-schoolers. And although the American Academy of Pediatrics clearly warns against toddlers having screen time, studies show that there is an increasing number of smartphone and tablet use among children under age four. Because almost all parents have a smartphone and tablet, children are naturally attracted to them.

    Several reasons can be raised why parents allow their children use their devices. They do it to calm their child and keep them busy when the parents run their errands and do their work. They also use it as an educational tool, having the child learn language and other things through applications.

    As parents, the way you introduce and guide your children in media experience is crucial in the child’s development. Here are some steps you can do that can help make smartphone and tablet use a learning experience for the child.

    Limit screen time
    There are a lot of educational applications that children will surely learn and enjoy, but there should be a limit on their use of these media. There may be no proven physical risk involved in children being exposed to digital media, but when children become dependent on these devices, their fundamental needs like sleep and physical interaction with parents may be interrupted, and it is not healthy for them. In their early age, teach them discipline that limits should be imposed, and in time they will be able to adapt.

    Make screen time an interactive, learning experience.
    The parents plays a huge role in the overall development of their children, and the great thing is that smartphone and tablet applications can be utilized as their tools in helping them learn. Participate in their screen time experience by asking them questions. Choose content that will enable them to learn a lot. Always be sure that you are there whenever your child gets screen time, because when you allow them to use it alone, it can substitute your role in the overall development of the child.

    Connect the things children see and the real world.
    Nothing can ever top a child’s learning than the parents guiding them things in the real world. When your child sees something on the smartphone and tablet, make the connection by letting him experience the thing in the real world. An example is when he sees a ball or a flower on the screen, show them what a ball or a flower looks like and help them label these objects in real life. Help them bridge the gap between the content they are exposed on the screen and real life experiences.

    Limit your own smartphone use when you are with your child.

    Children need a certain amount of attention from parents, and extensive smartphone and tablet use when they are present can be detrimental as this can easily distract them. If they don’t get attention from their parents, it might lead to negative behavior, which is not good for both.

    We have come to this age where babies are born exposed to smartphones and tablets. And as parents, they need to be able to guide their child through the possible negative outcomes of excessive smartphone and tablet use. If it is possible, we advise to prohibit screen time until he or she grows a little older. The child’s development can be done without it. However, if you find it inevitable for them to use these devices, make sure that you guide them. With the steps given above, a child’s digital media experience can be helpful and rewarding for both parent and child.

    You can find more information in Zero to Three Screen Sense organization’s website with helpful guides in making your child’s screen time an interactive learning experience.

    Photo credit: Pixabay

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  • 5 iPhone Applications for Medical Professionals

    Posted on November 6, 2015 by Jerry Lee

    5 iPhone Applications for Medical ProfessionalsThe medical profession may be one of the most demanding jobs out there. Doctors and physicians are on call, meaning that they have no fixed schedules. Some work more than the others, which results to less time with other people and things. And besides regularly meeting the needs of theirs patients, these people should fit in time for research and improvement. Because of these, there are certain, small things in a medical professional’s daily routine may be overlooked.

    Although, there are some fields, which are less demanding than others, the same pressure to live up to their reputation and protect their credibility is there. Staying in the medical profession is indeed hard – sometimes even harder than getting the degree.

    The great news is there are applications in the iPhone that can help medical professionals in their career and daily grind. These apps that we will present are useful in quickly and easily consult a reference, connect with other doctors, and remind themselves of certain knowledge about the anatomy.

    Micromedex Drug Reference Essentials

    All prescribing doctors should know their drugs which they will recommend to their patients, and this application by Truven Health Analytics Inc. is a must-have. The app presents a wide and comprehensive array of drugs, and descriptions about them. Important information such as dosage and possible side effects are found here. This is a helpful app for a quick reference guide for medical professionals as it is accessible and easy to use. For only $2.99 per year, this app will sure be of great use to medical professionals and others as well.

    MedCalc – The Professional Medical Calculator

    In almost all fields of medicine, there are parameters which are quantifiable that translates to certain implications, and this application helps in calculating the different formulas given an initial parameter. MedCalc houses a large database of formulas, scores and classifications which medical professionals use in their everyday work. What is great about this app is it is easy to use and it caters to almost all medical fields, hailing to be one of leading medical applications for the iPhone to date.

    Figure 1 - Medical Cases for Healthcare Professionals

    A thriving online community for doctors, physicians and medical professionals, Figure 1 provides them an environment to discuss and share clinical cases and treatment without compromising confidentiality. Collaboration is important in all fields of expertise, and the medical field is no exception. With the app, less experienced doctors can gather knowledge and ideas through others, which helps them as they work. If you want to increase your knowledge as a doctor, this app is for you.

    Doximity - Physician Network

    Just like in business and other fields, having a growing network in the medical field is important for success, and Doximity provides you with the largest network of doctors and physicians in the US. With a large database of doctor’s information, patients can easily look for a medical professional in an area near them. Doximity has a lot of features for physicians such as electronic faxing, access to medical news and career management. A very much recommended app for medical professionals.

    Pocket Anatomy

    Although this app is catered to medical students and enthusiasts, Pocket Anatomy can also be useful for the veterans of the field. It contains all the parts of the body which are arranged in layers and systems. You can easily browse through one system to the other with its easy to use interface. The stunning 3D graphics really helps in visualizing the parts of the body. In the effort to provide an anatomically comprehensive and visually appealing application, this one is one of the best out there.

    The applications that we presented are for general use for doctors and medical professionals, but there are a lot of apps in the iTunes store which cater to specific fields of medicine such as anesthesiology, dental medicine, ophthalmology, etc. The wide array of applications that will suit to your needs, along with the apps we shared, will be a great help to your career.

    Photo credit: Pixabay

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  • How LinkedIn Helps Business Professionals

    Posted on November 2, 2015 by Jerry Lee

    LinkedIn started as a website for people to find new jobs - they find a suitable job listed on the site and submit their resume. They get to use an address book to store the contacts of these companies. LinkedIn served as a bridge between companies and aspiring applicants and helped create jobs. Through this, many professionals around the world get in touch with each other.

    The website then grew exponentially as they introduce new features in their services. Today, there are more than 332,000,000 users of LinkedIn and they have earned their title as the social media for professionals.

    Many of our workers truly benefited from the website’s services and features. Many of them get connected to others, which created opportunities to grow and expand their business. Employers get to hire the best employees easily. The LinkedIn Groups created a sense of community and camaraderie for people who have a common goal. The website is a great success and the world owes much to it.

    With the presently large and growing community of LinkedIn, business professionals have to take advantage of completely utilizing the website and its features. Here are some ways business professionals use LinkedIn as a leverage to their business:

    Increasing online presence and credibility. The first thing to do with LinkedIn is of course, create a profile which will attract possible audience, partners, and employees. LinkedIn provides enough features, resources, and space to promote a business professional’s profile. Without a professional-looking and legitimate profile, they will not maximize the benefits of using LinkedIn to help in their business.

    Industry networking. Because LinkedIn is a haven for professionals, creating networks have never been easier. Networking involves reaching out to others with the intention to having them join on a specific business venture. With LinkedIn’s features and ease-of-use, business professionals can create networks and connections with other people, mutually benefiting both of the parties. Businesses thrive in connections and networks, and LinkedIn does not fail in doing so.

    Promoting their businesses. Business professionals can also use LinkedIn in promoting their products and services. With a large user database, it is possible to find the target audience that a business professional is looking for and promote their business to them. LinkedIn is also social media, and they can advertise their brand there like they do in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The groups are also a great feature in finding the target audience, which helps narrowing down the time and effort in locating the right market.

    Keeping in touch. As with any other social media website, LinkedIn can be used to keep in touch with subordinates, employees and other business partners. Because businesses will survive and grow with networks and connections, keeping them is just as important as creating them.

    With so many features and more with the premium account (which comes at a price), there is no doubt that LinkedIn can help business professionals in their ventures by enabling their profiles to be visible, letting them be easily connected with their networks, giving an avenue to promote their business and making sure they are keeping in touch with other people. If you are an aspiring business professional, make sure that you do not forget checking out LinkedIn.

    Photo credit: Pixabay

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  • How Senior Citizens Use Smartphones

    Posted on October 28, 2015 by Jerry Lee

    Technology has been greatly advancing in the previous years. From the traditional devices like television and cellphones, our gadgets have greatly evolved with many features people can truly benefit from. What the people in the past perceived as the future is slowly coming to pass.

    But not everyone is benefiting from these modern devices. Senior citizens, those whose age is 65 and above, are slowly adapting to the rapid shift in technology. Many of them still do not prefer owning a cellphone, but instead stick with the ones they are used to. Some of them feel that there is no need to use the latest devices because they think that it is for the younger ones. The advanced features of these devices may be confusing to some of the older people so they choose not to use them at all.

    In 2013, Pew Research Center published their findings on an article regarding older adults and technology use. They found out that the older generations still lag in technological adoption. The reasons behind may be that these devices do not cater to them yet. Many of the seniors’ cognitive and physical functions depreciate and they might fully utilize these smartphones.

    The use of technology by senior citizens has a lagging adoption rate. In the early ages of the Internet in 2000, very few of them even went online. But the good news is that more and more of the old ones use the Internet, and in the US, more than half go online. This trend is expected to increase gradually.

    So, why do senior citizens need to have smartphones? Here are some reasons why many consider getting one in the first place.

    Smartphones help in everyday life
    All of the things that smartphone users need to be well informed and organized are in the palm of our hands. Senior citizens can easily check the date, time, set reminders and alarms, and even manage their bank accounts online. There are also many useful apps that they can use to take notes, set doctor appointments, and more. Memory loss is one of the most common signs of aging and having a smartphone may help them remember things or play games to keep the mind active.

    Seniors can be easily connected with others
    Through smartphones, communication has never been easier, and this also counts for older adults. Depression and loneliness due to isolation is evident to most seniors, as most of them do not live with their families. Also, due to decreasing motor ability, they cannot always visit their friends, loved ones, and peers because they can’t drive. With video calls and conferences as a fundamental feature in these devices, they can talk with their friends and loved ones in the comfort of their home.

    In an emergency, smartphones can save them
    If they have them, caregivers cannot be with them all the time every day, and when something happens to them, they can count on their smartphones to send a text or call 911. These modern smartphones have voice commands and easy accessibility to emergency numbers, which can save time and add precious minutes in case something bad happens and they’re alone.

    Mobile communications and smartphone companies are realizing the need for senior citizens to use their devices, and they are manufacturing phones which cater to them.

    In the future, we hope that older adults will give up their skepticism and embrace smartphones. This devices may and will save their lives.

    Photo credits: Pixabay,

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  • Top iPhone Applications for Teachers and Educators

    Posted on October 15, 2015 by Jerry Lee

    They say that being a teacher is one of the most demanding but rewarding jobs, and we couldn’t agree more. They have to create a lesson plan, teach in an effective way, connect to their students, and a whole lot more. The challenge to be organized and be effective as an educator is always out there and sometimes, they are under-appreciated for what they do.

    The World Teachers Day celebrated by the UN on October 5 is a great way to remember the sacrifices of our teachers and it gives us opportunities to give back to them and let them feel valued.

    In our efforts to celebrate the noble and selfless role of our teachers, we set up the top iPhone applications to help them be more focused on what they do and let these apps save them from the stress of minding those mundane tasks.

    Teacher's Assistant Pro: Classroom Management Notes
    This great app lets you record the behavior, actions and achievements of your students, easily contact and communicate with their parents and stores these data securely. Managing student behavior is one of the hardest roles a teacher does, especially when parents do not cooperate in behaving their children. This app helps you have the data you need, and when you are ready to talk with them or with their parents, you have enough things to say. It also organizes students’ data, and when you have more than one class to per on a daily basis, this helps you keep track each and every one of your students.

    With the internet, teachers and students can interact effortlessly for follow up questions, file sharing and distribution, announcements or simply talk about other things. Edmodo creates a safe and secure way to communicate. Teachers can post assignments and discuss supplementary lessons, students can interact with another student or teacher, and a lot more can be done with this app. Teachers can also create a network with their co-teachers or the student's’ parents and interact there.

    Taking notes is just as important to teachers as it is to students, and this app lets them do this easily. You can write notes, record lectures, sketch figures, take pictures of notes and a lot more. It also lets you write naturally with its features. With its latest update, it can now support multi tasking. Storing these notes became easier with this app, and truly a must have not just for teacher, but for note-savvy people out there.

    Widely known as the largest database of knowledge in the internet, WolframAlpha is now available to the iPhone. If you need quick answers to a question, this app does that in a breeze. WolframAlpha is popular for being able to solve math problems using its different algorithms, and teachers can use this as a powerful reference in making exams and lesson plans. It does not only provides knowledge for math and science, but also literature, culture, music and almost all areas of knowledge and society there is. You can really turn your iPhone into a powerful device with this app.

    If you need extra information and inspiration, TED talks really leaves you inspired and empowered. And through the app, you can access these talks anywhere, anytime. The app organizes and categorizes the talks to cater your curiosity and interest, so you can easily look at a topic that you want to learn more about. The app updates regularly. With regular TED talks everywhere, you will surely never run out of resources. The best thing about this app is it is free.

    We salute every teacher and educator in the world for every effort they do to build the future society. We all wish you the best as you continue in your endeavors.

    Photo credit: Pixabay


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