Dragon Bracelet Rose Gold

In honor of the Year of the Dragon, we're unveiling our Dragon Bracelet featuring a sleek Golden amulet closure. Drawing inspiration from the ancient Chinese "cooling umbrella," historically referred to as a Hua Gai, this closure design was traditionally used to shield emperors from rain and sun. Our bracelet embodies themes of purification and enlightenment. It boasts a dual-loop leather weave that evokes the majestic scales of a dragon, complete with magnetic ends for easy swapping of woven bands in various colors, letting you effortlessly merge fortune and fashion.
  • Handcrafted and custom sized to fit your wrist
  • Interchangeable woven bracelet
  • Choose from over 30 calfskin leather colors
  • Comes in 2 width sizes 3.5mm or 5.5mm
  • Gift-box ready, perfect for gifting

customizable for most cars
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