Good Luck Turtle Matcha Green Keyring - 2024 Edition

The "Health Turtle" features the Chinese character "壽" for "longevity" above the turtle's shell, symbolizing the return of health. We wish for everyone to enjoy good health and longevity. This turtle is complemented with a vibrant matcha green calfskin leather cover, exuding youthful energy. The front displays a combination of characters "長樂永康" meaning "long-lasting happiness and health". With its keyring design, it's easy to carry, and we hope it brings the blessings of longevity and happiness into your life.

In the Year of the Golden Dragon, we've designed an adorable "Fortune Well" exclusively for the Golden Turtles as a tabletop decoration. This stone well is where the golden turtles can reside. The "Fortune Well" is made of green sandstone. Please note that the "Fortune Well" is only available as an add-on and cannot be purchased separately. It is available for an additional $15 .

  • Functional and Versatile as a keychain
  • Inspired by ancient Chinese traditions
  • Expertly handcrafted by our artisan team
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