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Dakota v3

Why are your custom orders so much more expensive than your in-stock items?

This is an economy of scale question. With in-stock item, we are able to produce multiple of the same item using the same material and process, and this drastically lowers the cost of producing these items.

Where as with custom orders, we have our team of leather artisans making just 1 case specifically for you. From the moment you place your order to us shipping your leather goods, there would have been 12-15 people involved in processing and producing your order; that's a tremendous amount of work that goes into producing one product for you.

When you have 1000 pieces produced at 1 time, you can spread out the production cost by 1000, where as when we produce 1, the cost of making 1 would conversely be a lot higher.

We price our in-stock goods fairly just so that customers can try out our in-stock goods at a lower price before they decide to purchase one of our custom made to order goods.

Dakota v3

Can I send you my own leather for you to produce something for me?

No. We cannot accept your leather for several reasons ~ transport, liability, quality control, etc. We simply would prefer that we produce our goods with leather that we are 100% confident in working with to provide you with something we can stand behind.

Double Decker

Can I have 2 belt loops added to the back side for added security?

Yes, you can request for this in the Special Request section.

Dakota v3

Can I add my favorite sports team logo on the case?

Unfortunately we would not be able to stamp copyrighted or trademarked logos, unless you have the rights, permissions, or authorizations to use the logo from the owner of the logo.

Dakota v3

Can I have this produced and delivered sooner? I need it next week.

To be fair to all customers we produce our goods as they come in. However, we will do our best to meet your timeline, if you need the item slightly sooner than the 25-30 day production lead time.

Although we cannot guarantee that you will receive your item within your specified timeline, we will however, do our best to accommodate. If you would kindly note your required delivery date in the Special Request section, we will make a note of this as we put your order into production. Again, we cannot guarantee that you will get the item in your specified timeline.

If we cut it close to your timeline, we will reach out and offer you quotes with expedited shipping quote via FedEx, so that you can have the option of paying for Overnight or 2nd Day delivery.


Can I add a card pocket inside the case?

Yes, we can add a insert pocket inside the compartment behind where the phone is situated.

Please note in the Special Request section as you go through the custom design process.