Apple iPhone 13 / Pro / Pro Max / Mini

Apple iPhone 13 / Pro / Pro Max / Mini

Custom Made Phone Cases

Completely Custom

Our team of leather artisans beautifully handcraft the leather iPhone cases with your choice of genuine leather to make your phone case truly one of a kind.

Fits all iPhone models

Made to Fit Your iPhone

Choose your color combinations

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Personalize with Logo or Name

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  1. Leather Belt Clip Holster
    Spring Creek
  2. Belt Clip Holster with Piping
  3. Belt Holster Case with Accent Stripe
  4. Slim Belt Clip Holster
  5. Belt Clip Case for 2 Phones
    Double Decker
  6. Woven Leather Holster Case
  7. Quilted Pattern Phone Purse / Holster
  8. Vertical Holster Case
  9. Vertical Holster Case with Piping
    Montecito 2
  10. Carrying Pouch with Quilted Pattern
    Diamond 2
  11. Carry Pouch with Woven Pattern
    Woven 2

12 Items

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Why Customize?

The consumer need has shifted from not only wanting convenient access to products and services, but to be able to easily find exactly what they want and how they want it. Story Leather makes this possible through mass customization.

I can’t find
anything off-the-shelf

I wish it came
in another color

It doesn’t really
fit properly

They don’t have
exactly what I want

I hate cookie-cutter
fashion accessories

Everyone is buying the
same thing

I need something for
a specific occasion

I used to have one I loved,
but the company doesn’t
make it anymore