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CUSTOM MADE LEATHER PHONE CASES. You design it, we make it happen. Regardless of make or model, give us your phone’s specifications and we can create a custom case just for you. Visit our easy-to-use design interface to bring your idea to life now. Our most popular leather phone cases and holsters are for the line of Apple iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 / 5S, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5 and a wide assortment of HTC and Motorola phones. Select a style and let’s begin creating your very own phone case! Now accepting custom orders for Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy NOTE 2, Note 3, BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Moto X Phone, Nokia Lumia, 1020, 925/928, HTC ONE, Samsung Galaxy S4 / S5. Also check out our Side Flip Collection for additional styles for customization.

* Please note that holsters and wallet style cases can be tailored for all phones. However, for the Cartera, Cartera Connect, Perris, and Surrey flip cases, there may be certain phone make/model that we cannot tailor these styles for. Please contact us to confirm before placing your order. Thank you.
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  1. Montecito Woven
    Montecito Woven Long Leather Case
  2. Diamond 2
    Quilt Pattern Leather Purse Pouch
  3. Cartera Connect
    Cartera Connect Wallet Phone Case
  4. Spring Creek
    Spring Creek Custom Made Leather Holster
  5. Cartera
    Cartera Leather Wallet Phone Case
  6. Surrey 2
    Surrey 2 Flip Leather Case Provides Full Screen Protection. Folds Upward.
  7. Boxxee Curved
    Boxxe Curved Custom Made Leather Pouch
  8. Perris
    Perris Leather Enclosure Case
  9. Verano
    Verano Wallet Case
  10. Folio
    Folio Genuine Leather Wallet Phone Case
  11. Slider
    Slider Genuine Leather Protective Phone Case
  12. Boxxee
    Boxxee Leather Phone Case with Pull Out Strap
  13. Woven 2
    Woven 2 Lambskin Phone Purse
  14. Montecito 2
    Montecito 2 Long Holster with Leather Piping
  15. Montecito
    Montecito Classic Long Leather Pouch Holster
  16. Diamond
    Diamond Lambskin Leather Cluch Case
  17. Woven
    Woven Lambskin Leather Case
  18. Deerhill
    Deerhill Smartphone Leather Holster with Piping
  19. Murano
    Murano Classic Wide Leather Holster with Leather Strip Accent
  20. Zaza
    Zaza stylish hard back holster case

20 Items

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