Leather Cases for Motorola Droid Razr (HD)

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The Droid Razr HD is the successor to the Motorola’s Droid Razr series that was released and manufactured in 2012. One of the major improvements comes in the form as display for the Razr Maxx HD. The new phone proudly displays 720p and offers an increased display screen size. The slogans for this phone include “The All-Day Phone” and “Long Live The Battery.” The phone is aimed towards users looking to get the most out of their phone via all-day usage and longer batter life. If you are looking for increased battery life and increased performance, this phone may be for you!

Specification Summary

Dimensions 131.9 mm (5.19 in) H
67.9 mm (2.67 in) W
8.4 mm (0.33 in) D
9.3 mm (0.37 in) D (Droid Razr Maxx HD)
Weight 146 g (5.1 oz)
157 g (5.5 oz) (Droid Razr Maxx HD)
Operating system Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)

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  1. Montecito Woven
    Montecito Woven Long Leather Case
  2. Diamond 2
    Quilt Pattern Leather Purse Pouch
  3. Cartera Connect
    Cartera Connect Wallet Phone Case
  4. Spring Creek
    Spring Creek Custom Made Leather Holster
  5. Cartera
    Cartera Leather Wallet Phone Case
  6. Surrey 2
    Surrey 2 Flip Leather Case Provides Full Screen Protection. Folds Upward.
  7. Boxxee Curved
    Boxxe Curved Custom Made Leather Pouch
  8. Perris
    Perris Leather Enclosure Case
  9. Verano
    Verano Wallet Case
  10. Folio
    Folio Genuine Leather Wallet Phone Case
  11. Slider
    Slider Genuine Leather Protective Phone Case
  12. Boxxee
    Boxxee Leather Phone Case with Pull Out Strap
  13. Woven 2
    Woven 2 Lambskin Phone Purse
  14. Montecito 2
    Montecito 2 Long Holster with Leather Piping
  15. Montecito
    Montecito Classic Long Leather Pouch Holster
  16. Diamond
    Diamond Lambskin Leather Cluch Case
  17. Woven
    Woven Lambskin Leather Case
  18. Deerhill
    Deerhill Smartphone Leather Holster with Piping
  19. Murano
    Murano Classic Wide Leather Holster with Leather Strip Accent
  20. Zaza
    Zaza stylish hard back holster case

20 Items

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