Sony Xperia Z1

Sony Xperia Z1

Leather Belt Clips & Holsters

Custom made to order leather phone holsters for your smartphone. Whether you are using your phone with a protective case or an extended battery, as long as you provide us with the dimensions (length, width, depth), we will be able to tailor the case to fit. Below highlights some of the major customizable attributes::
  • Exterior leather color / texture
  • Interior leather lining
  • Front cover style
  • Choice of belt clip and more

Wallet Phone Cases

Using the finest workmanship, our team of leather artisans beautifully craft phone wallets that are custom tailored to fit your smartphone. Phone wallets are designed to fit most of the popular smartphones, but there are exceptions where certain smartphones cannot be accommodated due to fitting issues and inherent phone designs. Popular attributes of the phone wallets include:
  • Exterior leather color / texture
  • Interior leather lining
  • Hand strap and shoulder strap add-ons
  • 2-4 card slots dependent on device

Slim Leather Sleeves

Slip your smartphone into one of our sleeves for protection and style. Our leather phone sleeves are custom tailored to fit regardless of what smartphone you use. Sleeves offer a level of protection for individuals who prefer to use smartphones without any add-ons or protective case. Below are some of the customizable attributes for our leather phone sleeves:
  • Exterior leather color / texture
  • Interior leather lining
  • Unique pull-out strap design
  • Magnetic tab closure

Leather Case for 2 Phones

Custom build a belt clip holster or carry two smartphones like a purse with a shoulder strap. The Double Decker case is perfect for business professionals and executives juggling communication needs between work and home. Carry two phones in style and personalize it with the following customizable attributes:
  • Exterior leather color / texture
  • Interior leather lining
  • Tailor made for 2 phones of your choice
  • Belt clip, zipper pocket, should strap add-ons

Leather Enclosed Flip Cases

Don't like how the down flip cases use a hard shell to hold the phone in place? Looking for something that is strictly leather? Our Surrey-series of flip cases encloses your smartphone fully in leather for the true leather enthusiast. Flip cases work with most popular smartphone makes & models. Customize it with the following options:
  • Exterior leather color / texture
  • Interior leather lining
  • Choice of flipping the cover upwards or downwards
  • Add a hand strap and make it a wristlet

Sony Experia Z1 Hand-Made Leather Cases, Phone Wallets, Belt Holsters & Back Covers. The Sony Experia Z1 is new and improved version of the Experia Z. With a new 20 Megapixel Camera, Improved Hardware, and is Water and Dust Resistant (IP 58) the Sony Experia Z1 knocks the Z out of the running for the Sony flag ship phone. Want to add a bit more safety to the already impressive specs, try our Premium Leather Back Covers, Holster Cases, or Wallet Cases. Choose from over 50 types of Leather colors and patterns to make the case truly yours. We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship that comes from all our Custom Hand-Made Products. Custom orders require a 25-30 day lead time as each items is carefully handcrafted for each customer.

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  1. Leather Back Cover
    Sony Xperia Z1
  2. Down Flip Leather Case
    Sony Xperia Z1
  3. Book Style Case
    Sony Xperia Z1
  4. Down Flip Quilted Leather Case
    Sony Xperia Z1
  5. Book Style Quilted Leather Case
    Sony Xperia Z1
  6. Down Flip Woven Leather Case
    Sony Xperia Z1
  7. Woven Book Style Leather Case
    Sony Xperia Z1
  8. Side Flip Stand Case
    Sony Xperia Z1
  9. Folio
    Phone Wallet with Pouch
  10. Spring Creek
    Leather Belt Clip Holster
  11. Deerhill
    Belt Clip Holster with Piping
  12. Murano
    Belt Holster Case with Accent Stripe
  13. Double Decker
    Belt Clip Case for 2 Phones
  14. Zaza
    Hard Shell Belt Clip Holster
  15. Verano
    Case with Card Insert Pockets
  16. Woven
    Woven Leather Holster Case
  17. Diamond
    Quilted Pattern Phone Purse / Holster
  18. Montecito
    Vertical Holster Case
  19. Montecito 2
    Vertical Holster Case with Piping
  20. Montecito Woven
    Vertical Case with Woven Pattern
  21. Diamond 2
    Carrying Pouch with Quilted Pattern
  22. Woven 2
    Carry Pouch with Woven Pattern
  23. Boxxee
    Slim Sleeve with Pull Out Strap
  24. Boxxee Curved
    Curved Sleeve with Pull Out Strap
  25. Slider Tab
    Slim Hand Carry Case
  26. Slider Curve
    Curved Slim Hand Carry Case
  27. Surrey
    Down Flip Leather Case
  28. Surrey Quilted
    Down Flip with Quilted Pattern
  29. Surrey Woven
    Down Flip with Woven Pattern
  30. Surrey 2
    Up Fold Leather Case
  31. Surrey 2 Quilted
    Up Fold with Quilted Pattern
  32. Surrey 2 Woven
    Up Fold with Woven Pattern

32 Items

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